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We Build Custom Washers

We build custom pressure cleaning and recycling equipment. Are you in a specialized cleaning field that requires something you have not seen here? Please contact us about our available services. We custom build each trailer mounted pressure washer unit per request according to your requirements.

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High-Pressure, High-Volume Rig Mat Cleaning And Wash Water Recycling System

New Rig Mat Cleaning And Wash Water Recycling Equipment.  Reduce costs and time related to rig mat cleaning. By using a high-pressure, high-flow automated 360 degree cleaning head assembly to wash your dirty rig mats before transport you reduce your cleaning time to a fraction of current oil field practices. By reclaiming and recycling the wash water used, you will be saving expensive water transport costs. This system is custom built to your specific specifications. Call us today. Visit for more information. Or see our rig mat cleaning listing here.  - Read More

Surface King Custom Pressure Wash System With Wash Water Recovery And Recycling

  The Surface King With Hot And Mighty™ Sidekick Tandem Axle Open Trailer Series Hot And Mighty™ Mobile Cleaning System. This mobile cleaning system was built for a customer who needed a fast way to clean, recover and recycle a soy based paint product they use to advertise during special events. We created a mobile cleaning system that is capable of cleaning an 8 foot wide surface while driving. The unit will recover and recycle the 16 gallon a minute bath for reuse. The wash system was ship to France and used as part of the clean up detail during the..  - Read More

8ft Wide Custom Recovery Street / Surface Cleaner

 Do you do a large amount of surface cleaning work that you perform? Are you finding that tradition surface cleaners, although good, do not meet the high demands your work load requires? Well, we have built a large 8ft wide solution. Our custom built 8ft wide pressure washing surface cleaner with recovery ports for recycling was built for 3,000 to 20,000 PSI operating force.  We have motorized cleaning heads that move side to side as you drive this units down the road or parking lot. The unit is built with recovery ports for wash water recycling and top mount easy access panels.  - Read More

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